imagesTalk about your experience moving money into your local bank. This can help encourage others to move their money. There’s a goal of $1,000,000 to be moved into communities. If you feel comfortable posting the amount of money you’ve moved, it helps keep track of the success of the project.

$Amount Moved into Local Banks So Far: $8,800,000



  1. Due to the information Kyle told me about how the money in my bank accounts were being used, I switched both my personal and my business bank accounts to a local bank, Bay Federal. Not only is my money being used better, the people seem to be friendlier in local banks as well. They know they’re helping their community too. Thanks, Kyle.

  2. Thank you, Kyle, for informing me about where my money is being used. Because the stock market is performing poorly, I am holding more cash than usual. Before our conversation, I was not aware of how it was being utilized. As a result of your information, I am moving my cash to Santa Cruz County Bank (SCCB). SCCB officers tell me that the fractional reserve is about 12 to 1, and that a main focus there is around providing loans to local businesses. My little amount so far multiplies to around $3.6 million now available to circulate in our local Santa Cruz County economy. More will follow. I think this is a great way to not only stop polluting, but to help out in the local community during these economic hard times. Now I feel good about what my money is doing. Thank you for your research and information!

  3. After learning more about banking and where my money goes once I make a deposit, I decided to move my $1,000 out of Bank of America and into Santa Cruz Community Credit Union. It was really easy to switch banks and everyone in SCCCU has been super friendly. As an Environmental Studies graduate, it feels so good to be supporting a local business rather than helping fund corporate american coal mining operations. Thank you Kyle for the heads up.

  4. After hearing about Kyle’s project I realized that my money has real power when it is in the bank. I never thought about my savings account acting as an investment in funding projects. The coal industry is certainly not one that I want to be supporting let alone funding. I took my five thousand out of Bank of America (taking away their ability to lend fifty thousand) and put my money in Santa Cruz County Bank. I encourage everyone to bank locally; better customer service, free transactions at foreign ATM’s and my hard earned money is staying in the community rather than destroying other communities.

  5. When I found out what my deposits were funding, I moved all the money I had at Wells Fargo Bank – for the last 30 years (!) – into Santa Cruz County Bank and Bay Federal. The whole thing took only a couple of hours. Now my conscience feels clear. I know I am supporting good local projects, and besides the service feels better and more personal.
    Thanks for your important work, Kyle.
    Awesome film!

  6. Ive Been banking with Bay Federal for years. I swithched from a large national bank because I found the service at Bay Federal was much better. The employees are nice to be around. They have good coffee all the time. They gave me a loan once, which kind of blew my mind. It feel like they are on my side. They offer free credit counseling. Ive heard that some local banks even offer tax help. until seeing this video it had not dawned on me that I was helping to deter destructive environmental practices as well. Normally I’m not one to ever do anything nice, but I like my bank so much I’ll make an exception.

  7. There’s nothing I’d rather see than these beautiful places of proposed development left alone. Frankly I was relieved that there was at least SOMETHING I could do and grateful that Kyle made the course of action clear. I moved $30,000 from Bank of America to Santa Cruz County Bank. It was the least I could do to help preserve these areas. Thanks Kyle.

  8. props to cousin matt for sending kyle’s video my way – Kyle nails it – and i am switching from Chase (wamu) to Bank of Marin this month. Thanks for waking me up about this issue!

  9. Not only are centralized banks funding pollution, they’ve got all kinds of ways they add insult to injury: In June 2009 Bank of America abruptly raised its fee for a basic checking account by 50 percent. Citibank jacked up the interest rate on some of its cards to 29.99 percent. And JPMorgan Chase more than doubled the required minimum payment on its cards.

    Across the board, big bank fees have skyrocketed to their highest levels on record, including assessments for such common occurrences as overdrafts (as high as $39), stop-payment actions ($39 — double what it was 10 years ago), balance transfers (up more than 50 percent in the past year) and ATM use (nearly doubled in 10 years).

    It’s great to see a simple video give local banking the attention it deserves. We can help our communities and stop the damage – to our planet and our pocket books.

    It’s great to see this information getting out.

  10. Livity will be moving milliions of dollars out of Bank of America and into the New Resource Bank over the next year. All thanks to Kyle dropping serious knowledge to Livity about the evils of big centralized banks and the abundance of great local / sustainable banking alternatives. When we learned that all the positive effects of our green business were effectively being reversed by “loaning” our money to BofA we made an immediate move to transition out of this destructive and terrible banking organization. We are stoked to stop giving our hard earned cash to institutions that support environmental destruction, murder, and oppression world-wide!
    Thanks again Kyle! The Claim Your Change movement rocks… big it up and pass it on!

  11. After having some great conversations with Kyle about the desire change things and the ways in which we can, I switched from B of A to Bay Federal earlier this year. My parents have also switched to Bay Federal as well. Together we’ve moved over $100,000 from B of A into our local bank. Thanks for the knowledge Kyle and keep the spreading the word!

  12. We have always put our money in local banks beginning with Sunrise Credit Union in Colorado. Unfortunately the recent financial crises forced them to merge with a much larger credit union so we moved our ass’ts to the New Resource Bank in SF. What we love the most about our experiences with small local banks is the fact that you can call New Resource and a person actually answers the phone instead of some machine…big deal to us. If all of us do this then we pull the rug out from under all dirty polluters and war machines who depend upon our money to back them. Your awesome Kyle!

    In Sustainable Solidarity

  13. hi kyle!

    well i did the research, talked to neighbors and employees of the local banks here in sonoma county…as of today i have moved $10000.00 from bank of america to exchange bank in my home town…i feel wonderful!!!

  14. some years ago i put all my money in a local bank in denmark. every morning i’m happy about it when i’m pouring ‘my’ milk on my cereal or having my bread with ‘my’ cheese, ’cause i have helped financing the loan to the organic dairy through my local bank. it sure feels good to know where ones money goes.
    Thanks Kyle for spreading the word!

  15. The day I read the article in the Good Times about what you are doing, I got so inspired, that I went straight to Santa Cruz Community Credit Union and opened an account. It currently has about $500, but soon it will have more.
    Another good way to make change with your money, is to watch what you spend it on. Check out
    Thanks Kyle!

  16. Finally, I moved my personal and business accounts. When Kyle opened my eyes to how I can make change simple by banking responsibly I knew I needed to get out of B of A. Took me some time but I am now a proud new member of Bay Federal!
    Thanks for all you are doing Kyle.

  17. Thanks Kyle, I posted your movie on my facebook account, in hopes friends will watch and do the same thing I did: move $11,000 from Citibank (all the money I had in there) into my local credit union, Hudson Heritage. The supervisor at the credit union asked me how I’d learned about credit unions and I felt kind of strange telling her I learned about them through a landscape design class (permaculture). but she was very happy to hear it!

  18. Finally Claimed My Change!!!!
    Took out over $1,400 from my Bank of America account (basically leaving it empty) and opened an account at Santa Cruz County Bank where I deposited that money plus another $1,500 that would have gone to B of A. Now it’s local banking from here on out.

  19. Can anybody explain what REAL impact moving these relatively small amounts of money has on a bank? I know it may FEEL good, but does it really accomplish anything of consequence?

    Because while deposits do POTENTIALLY increase a banks lending power, it is also true that a bank without sufficient reserves to make a loan will STILL make a loan to a qualified borrower. The bank will then borrow the necessary reserves from the money market.

    No doubt there is a moral component here: who wants to do business with a bank that funds MTR mining? Not me. But, I’m not sure if closing accounts has any REAL appreciable impact on a national bank with a world wide operational theater.

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