Find a local bank

Click Here to find a local bank in your community using Solari. Be sure to tell the bank your reasons for moving your money. Banks rely on you, the costumer!

What is Solari?
Solari, Inc. is founded on the vision that bringing intimacy to how money works transforms our world. They do this by helping you learn to invest in people, communities, natural resources, and diversified enterprises that you and your networks know and trust.


  1. that was awsome -thanks, pwm

  2. I use this link to find a local bank:

  3. You rock. You are my hero. I can’t tell you how often I have been flabberghasted to learn yet another someone I think would know all about this level of street-wise empowerment is completely oblivious : )

    In honor of your historic impetus, I have made a “Claim Your Change” Squidoo Lens.

    Time To Shine (TTS)

  4. Kyle,

    To cut to the quick, what Santa Cruz banks fit the Solari Criteria? Thank you for your passionate mission./Herby

  5. Solari criteria: Any bank that’s small and local (gets its deposits locally and loans out locally only). Most credit unions also qualify. It has to do more with decentralization from the FED than anything else.

    Check out interviews from Catherine Austin Fitts on my blog

  6. Is there not something more direct, pro active and controversial that can be done? This thing needs media attention, Also I don’t have money to shuffle around in the first place like most surfers i imagine. Can the individuals in charge of this nonsense not be exposed and publicly shamed? What are the local people doing about it. ready and willing, and inspired by your incentive.

    • There is no way these people can be publically shamed. You have to cut off their blood supply and starve them out. This kid has one of the best ideas I have heard as far as creating a solution, instead of focusing on the negatives.
      Move your money. It is a small inconvenience to save this country from greed and coruption!!!

  7. Keep it up man! The world needs more of this.
    A big Thank you from the New York State College of Environmental Science and Forestry

  8. I’m curious as to why local banks/credit unions are held up as an alternative. Local banks also finance projects that impact the environment in negative ways. And, unless you spend copious amounts of time throughout the year monitoring what projects your local bank finances then you have no idea. Making that process even harder is the fact that not all financial transactions are disclosed to the public.

    • Hondo,

      Your are correct that few financial transactions undertaken by Banks are disclosed to the public. As you might expect, much of that has to do with privacy issues. The bottom line about local banking is that institutions owned and operated by members of a community, and staffed completely by folks living in that same community are likely to do a much better job in representing local interests, and making sure local deposits don’t leave to support ecomonies elsewhere.

      Rick Hofstetter-Lighthouse Bank, Santa Cruz

      • Well said!!!!

  9. And yet another reason to move away from big banks can be found here: and

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  12. also helps people find community banks in California and will soon launch national.

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