Kyle Thiermann
My name is Kyle Thiermann. The purpose of this project is to help you understand that where you spend, and keep, your money directly impacts the world. I want to help engage you to do one of the most simple and effective actions that you can take to support your neighborhood and get your money out of destructive projects, all in one move!

I really think that when we see the direct environmental and economic benefit of local banking and the devastating destruction that results from keeping our money in centralized banks, we will put money into our local banks. I believe the reason this hasn’t happened more already is because the subject of banking seems so abstract and theoretical.

The situation in Chile gave me a chance to document personal stories of the people who are going to be affected by this coal power plant. Meeting the people and seeing what’s going to be ruined as a result showed me how our money is used to affect people all over the world. By making this connection, we know that we have the power to affect the world with our money.

There are over 150 new coal power plants proposed to be built in America right now. They will get their funding from the same centralized bank as the proposed plant in Chile, so making this connection can change the world.



  1. Excellent!

  2. Kyle – this is a powerful statement – succinct and well presented. Excellent!

    I’ll recommend that everyone – especially my surfing grandkids – watch it and think about it.

    Thank you!

  3. Kyle, great initiative, great thinking!. I also will resend and recommend your website. Keep it soul bro!.

  4. Kyle, Thanks for making this site, and sharing the knowledge. I will do what I can to pass this on.

  5. Kyle, thank you for your courage to follow your
    dream and vision and put it into action by educationg people and walking your talk. I will pass it on to as many people and organizations as possible and put it on my facebook wall.

  6. Kyle, thanks for spearheading this, taking the time and having the passion to do this. I support you all the way and am now going to start researching what MY local bank is actually spending my money on.


  7. Aren’t VW TDIs manufactured in Germany or Mexico?

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